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We are a collaborative platform for creative web-based content and this is where we hang-out. is edited by mmazzariol and keketoledopiza. Check out our latest projects below and thanks for stopping by. 


Twitterich (2012)

Have you ever wanted to win 1 million twitter followers? Welcome to twitterich.

Nomo Not-books

We prefer to think of notebooks like t-shirts you use everyday (minus the stink). That’s why we thought about adding a little bit of attitude, making notebooks that look like provocative books on the outside. 


Timetweets (2009)

The time spent on social medias has reached huge proportions. Timetweets is a clock generated out of people’s tweets, that shows tweets in a unique way. Featured on Mashable on article "6 Incredible Twitter Powered Art Projects".


Bumllionaire (2008)

In 2008 the internet reached 1 billion users. What if we could get each person online to donate 1 dollar to a single person? That was the main idea behind Read more.