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    ‘It gazed at Sophie a moment longer.”I shall have to study it,” it said.’ I wish I read enough Sherlock fanfiction to...
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    -Ya podríamos estar saliendo.- Su voz tembló. (Cordwainer Smith, ‘En Busca de Tres Mundos’)
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    “so well intended, and yet so insulting.”
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    According to the clock on the wall there were still six minutes left. AHAHAHA, I’M DYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    fml it’s breaking dawn ‘My mother’s voice sounded a little distance away, and everything in the room was slightly...
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    "As fits a King’s rememberance"….. That’s what I get for picking up my copy of Hamlet :L
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    “Itching sensations are distinct from ticklishness, which at least some people find pleasurable.” O_O
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    "we slog back in the train in silence" oh haay (;
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    “Peeta’s a baker’s son.” well looks like I’m going to hook up with an incredibly hot baker.
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    "FREE Three piece lamp set. Only $59.99!" I am destined to be with a lamp. FOREVER ALONE );
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    “The timing for Olympic events has become more precise over the years.” (Introduction to Physical Science)
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    “He must be getting both from the Good Power.” lmao
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    “This caused everyone, including Ruple to smile.” phew… that was a gamble picking up Ruple And Evelyn….
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    ”Before disembarking, the Pilgrim leaders drew up and signed the brief Mayflower Compact.”- The American Pageant (APUSH...
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    ‘She kissed his ass and his penis’ OMG WHAT IS THIS FOR BOOK (Lisa’s adem)
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    “It was at this time that he first came to me” ….. Ummmm, Okay?
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    "The room was very familiar to Ezio." YUP SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT
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    “Your shutters are goldenrod, not yellow,” he replied. DA FUQ? (Bad Girls Don’t Die)
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    But if you’ve ever written a cheque you knew would bounce (or written one that bounced unexpectedly), you know that a...
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    "We’ve all been through a lot of weird stuff." OMFG CRYING! (The Lost Hero)
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    “Doing One’s Job: The Caste System” - my world religion textbook o_O
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    totally used page 46 by accident omg here lets try again “My mother was golden and beautiful…” o m g
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    "Then I saw Johnny."
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    My mother taught Prim and me to eat properly, so yes, I can handle a fork and knife. -The Hunger Games. Well, oh dear…
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    I wish it did: “nine stages of different exercises will vary in length and complexity.”
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    Your witness?
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    bipolar-zombie: “The more you know, the more you are required to know and practice in your day to day living.” … …...
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    "Kneeling on the ground, tying up a sheaf of the honey-tinted hay, she heard a strong male voice above her.’
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    "It was a beautiful golden harp, and when Thorin Struck it the music began all at once, so sudden and sweet that Bilbo...
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